Rob Peterson receives TV Service Award…

ERT congratulates Rob Peterson from Heathmont Tennis Club on his “Tennis Victoria Highly Commended Service Award” which was recently presented by TV Director Peter Owen.

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In support of this award Heathmont TC provided the following information about Rob…
“Robert Peterson started coaching part time at Heathmont Tennis Club in October 1995. Three years later he gave up his international banking career and became the fulltime coach at Heathmont Tennis Club.
Robert is still the coach at Heathmont Tennis Club, which is now 20 years since he first started.
The Junior Convenor role was held by Rob between 1995 and 2009.
Robert Peterson was awarded Life Membership at Heathmont Tennis Club at the 2013 AGM due to his ongoing contribution, commitment and passion to his coaching at Heathmont Tennis Club.
Rob has always considered Heathmont Tennis Club as more than just a place of work for him. He runs Junior Round Robins on a regular basis and has run well over 50 of them.
Rob contributes to the club in so many ways. Any fundraising events held by the club, such as a Bunnings Sausage Sizzle, Rob will always contribute either by giving a donation or scheduling himself on to help,
Recently Heathmont Tennis Club were successful in obtaining a three-three-three grant to build a pergola. Rob took on the task to build and maintain 2 large garden beds adjacent to the new pergola. We are in the process of building a new BBQ and shed and Rob has nominated himself to be the caretaker and designer of the garden beds surrounding the shed. His dedication, devotion and passion has no ends when it comes to Heathmont Tennis Club.
A few years ago Rob was unwell. He was more concerned about letting down his coaching students than about himself. This is the kind of man that he is. He always puts others before himself.
Heathmont Tennis Club had not won a tennis Victorian Pennant until 2005, when we were successful in winning Men’s Grade 12. Women’s Grade 6 followed in 2008 and the same girls backed it up in 2009 to win Grade 5. All these players were past students of Rob’s. Because of his coaching, dedication and passion, they have taken on Rob’s philosophy to achieve and passion for the sport.
In the 2015 Winter ERT season we have 19 Junior teams. This number of teams is attributed to Rob. The Juniors loved to be coached and want to play.
Our club celebrates the idea of being a part of a team. We don’t strive for 19 flags each season, but instead Rob instils the idea of enjoying tennis and having a go. Parents, players and families all know Rob, all know his passion and all appreciate what he does for the club.”

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