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Welcome to the Eastern Region Tennis Inc.

We are one of the largest and most progressive Suburban Tennis Association in Melbourne and offer a wide variety of tennis competitions for seniors and juniors.
We have nearly 70 affiliated clubs spread over the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne, with competitions involving over 4,000 players.

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Noel Phillip’s Junior Series Tournament

Noel’s junior series tournaments, They are targeting the club kids who are not interested or able to compete in the points events. I did not want to have the events sanctioned by TA or put into it’s calendar so as to keep the entry fee down. Entry form is…Read More

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The Ian Barclay Story

BOOK LAUNCH! Journey through the incredible life story of this icon of the game of tennis. A coach who has traveled the world in his quest to help junior players be the best they can be. Ian Barclay’s tennis coaching journey from humble beginnings, building on grassroots junior tennis…Read More


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Eastern Region Tennis Bendigo Bank BSB 633 000  Account No. 165 365 511.  

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