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Welcome to the Eastern Region Tennis Inc.

We are one of the largest and most progressive Suburban Tennis Association in Melbourne and offer a wide variety of tennis competitions for seniors and juniors.
We have nearly 70 affiliated clubs spread over the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne, with competitions involving over 4,000 players.

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Association E-mail:

Junior Secretary:  Phone: 0400 093 992
Senior Secretary:   Phone: 0437 983 551
Junior Pennant: Chris Thomson  Phone: 0425 759 399

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Vale Ian Adderley

It is with much sadness that we advise the passing of Ian Adderley on 21st August, 2023. As Donvale’s founding President in 1965, Ian was instrumental in establishing the thriving tennis club that remains to this day. He remained active on the GMC for many years and held several…Read More

By Law 6 – Emergencies Updated

a) Emergencies may be registered during the season as per 5b.b) When Emergencies play for the first time in a team, the lowest eligible section must be entered on the scoresheet in the emergency details section. If the lowest eligible section is not entered, then the section being played…Read More

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