AJL 2020 announcement

All members of the tennis community will be aware that with effect from today 9 July, 2020, tighter lockdown restrictions have been imposed throughout Melbourne in an effort to curb the spread of the coronavirus. Those restrictions are likely to extend into mid August, with the possibility of further extensions if infection is still then prevalent, and mean that competitive tennis cannot be played in that time.

Accordingly, Tennis Victoria has cancelled the 2020 Pennant Tennis season.

However, all hope is not lost! TV and its wonderful officer in charge of AJL, Tyler Krumholz, are keen to try and still conduct the AJL season if at all possible. Thus Tyler has requested that we associations still submit our teams, and he is hopeful that the season can still progress even if its start is delayed by one or two weeks.

The Development Committee will therefore submit the team entries, and we will keep our fingers crossed that our youngsters can still participate in this wonderful competition this year.

More information will be posted to the ERT website as it becomes known. In the meantime, we have vacancies for 2 more girls in each of the 14 and 16 and under age groups to fill out teams with a spare player to enable full rotation and to cover illness and unavoidable absence. If there are girls of a suitable standard who would like to be considered for selection in a team, please contact one of the Development committee below.

Update on ERT Winter 2020 season.

Further to our recent virtual ERT Convenors meeting, which proved a very successful evening, ERT has continued a regular dialogue with Tennis Victoria officials to facilitate a return to Competition Tennis which was always the aim for our ERT Winter Competition to resume on the weekend  commencing 18th July 2020, albeit a shortened season.

Unfortunately with the latest Victorian Government and DHHS regulations, confirming  Stage 3 Covid 19 restrictions are to be re-introduced at midnight 8th July 2020 for the next 6 weeks ‚Äď under these regulations, which we all must comply with, ERT has no choice but to cancel the ERT 2020 Winter Season. We respect the health and safety of all the Community as a priority, and we can all now look forward to the ERT Summer 2020/21 season, which is probably going to be commencing in early October 2020. More details later as to the timing of these details which we assume will be advised to Clubs in September 2020.

We would just like to confirm we appreciate the support/time/patience/understanding from all ERT Clubs, under these unprecedented times with Covid 19 and appreciate/understand the difficulties we now all collectively face again with no Community Competition Sport being allowed. Under the latest restrictions this includes the terrible ramifications, especially the financial position which we now all have to deal with, yet again.

Once we know some more information on Covid 19 from Tennis Victoria and/or the Gov’t/DHHS including our ERT 2020/21 Summer Competition we will be in contact by email and/or through the ERT website. Thanking you all for your understanding under these difficult circumstances, which we all hope we never experience again.

Tennis Victoria Affiliation 2020/21

Dear affiliated Presidents and Secretaries,

I hope this finds you safe, well and back on the tennis court.  The last few months have been extremely challenging for the tennis community.   Once again, Tennis Victoria would like to thank everyone involved in tennis across the State for your ongoing support and for the safe way in which the return to tennis is being managed.  We have proven once again that we are better together, working towards a common goal to see more people playing tennis, more often, for life.

While continuing to support our community through the COVID-19 crisis and advocating to Government for a return to tennis and competition, we have also been working on our Affiliation Program for 2020/21 to support your club/association and sustain the sport for the long-term.  I would now like to update you on this work.

As you know, Tennis Victoria affiliation provides you with a range of services and programs to enable your club/association to thrive.  By affiliating to Tennis Victoria, not only do you receive these services and benefits but you also create a tennis community that is supportive, strong and better together.

Together we can provide opportunities for kids to pick up a racquet for the first time, or for adults to return to the sport they loved growing up.  Together we can lobby Government for funding and infrastructure for tennis.  Together we can offer programs, competitions, tournaments and schools support that benefits and reflects everyone in our communities and opens up the sport we all love.  Together we can produce players that we can be proud of to represent Victorians on the national and global stage.  

You can view all of the benefits of Tennis Victoria affiliation here.

We are aware COVID-19 will have hit some of our affiliates hard.  To assist you with your recovery we are freezing affiliation fees for 2020/21 at 2019/20 levels.  We are also offering payment plans to every affiliate to help you manage cash flow and ensure you are able to re-affiliate.

From 1 July you will be sent an invoice for 25% of your overall fee for 2020/21.  This will be due for payment by 30 September.  Payment will confirm your affiliation and secure your voting rights at the Tennis Victoria AGM in October 2020.

The balance of the fees will be invoiced from 1 January 2021 to be paid by 31 May 2021.  You will be able to pay this balance in instalments if needed. 

If your revenue has dropped, or is predicted to drop, significantly due to COVID-19 we will implement a process to assess a reduced fee to enable you to continue your affiliation. Your club/association may not yet know the level of impact from COVID-19 so we will work with you to make these assessments in due course. For now we simply ask that you pay 25% to secure your affiliation.

Your affiliation to Tennis Victoria is supporting you whilst helping to build the future of our sport.  We hope you will continue to join us and help us all be better together.

As always, please continue to contact our team with any questions. We’re always here to help.

Warm Regards
Ruth Holdaway
Chief Executive, Tennis Victoria

AJL 2020 Information

Information can be found in the Development tab.

ERT Bank Account

Eastern Region Tennis

Bendigo Bank

BSB 633 000  Account No. 165 365 511.


ERT Washout Responsibilities

Junior/Senior Convenor or Home/Away Team Managers Responsibilities:

If courts are unplayable, your home washed out matches can only be entered into Club Zone in the ERT website during the following times, Saturday morning Juniors – 7.15am to 8.30am, Saturday afternoon Seniors ‚Äď 12 noon to 1.15pm, Sunday morning Juniors – 7.45am to 9.00am and Sunday afternoon Seniors (Summer only) ‚Äď 12 noon to 1.15pm.¬†¬† Advise players that are playing in your teams playing at home where a washout has been declared.¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† The system will automatically update the wash-out result.

If a washout is entered after 7.45am Saturday morning Juniors, 12.30pm Saturday & Sunday Seniors(Summer Only) and 8.15am Sunday morning Juniors you MUST also ring your opposition Convenor to notify them of the washout. 

Also check ERT Website to see if a washout has been declared for your teams playing away 45 minutes prior to the start of the match at the following times: Saturday morning Juniors Р7.45am, Saturday afternoon Seniors Р12.30pm, Sunday morning Juniors Р8.15am and Sunday afternoon Seniors (Summer only) Р12.30pm.   If it has been declared, advise players that are playing in the teams playing away where a washout has been declared.   No further action required.  If you enter the washout after these times you MUST ring your opposition Convenor.   If washout has not been recorded by home venue, travel to venue.