Early close of Round 9 results

Due to the server for our web site working on the web page the results for this weekend have to be entered by Monday 16th December at 6pm. You will not be able to enter results after this time.

Noel Phillip’s Junior Series Tournament

Noel's junior series tournaments, They are targeting the club kids who are not interested or able to compete in the points events. I did not want to have the events sanctioned by TA or put into it's calendar so as to keep the entry fee down.
Entry form is attached.

Noel Phillips

The Ian Barclay Story

Journey through the incredible life story of this icon of the game of tennis.
A coach who has traveled the world in his quest to help junior players be the best they can be.

Ian Barclay’s tennis coaching journey from humble beginnings, building on grassroots junior tennis players’ dreams, to his record of producing a Wimbledon Men’s Singles title winner, over 20 Grand Slam junior title winners and over 40 national and international junior and senior title winners in two different countries puts him in a class to which others can aspire – going to the nth degree.
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ERT New Bank Account

Eastern Region Tennis

Bendigo Bank

BSB 633 000  Account No. 165 365 511.


ERT Washout Responsibilities

Junior/Senior Convenor or Home/Away Team Managers Responsibilities:

If courts are unplayable, your home washed out matches can only be entered into Club Zone in the ERT website during the following times, Saturday morning Juniors – 7.15am to 8.30am, Saturday afternoon Seniors – 12 noon to 1.15pm, Sunday morning Juniors – 7.45am to 9.00am and Sunday afternoon Seniors (Summer only) – 12 noon to 1.15pm.   Advise players that are playing in your teams playing at home where a washout has been declared.      The system will automatically update the wash-out result.

If a washout is entered after 7.45am Saturday morning Juniors, 12.30pm Saturday & Sunday Seniors(Summer Only) and 8.15am Sunday morning Juniors you MUST also ring your opposition Convenor to notify them of the washout. 

Also check ERT Website to see if a washout has been declared for your teams playing away 45 minutes prior to the start of the match at the following times: Saturday morning Juniors – 7.45am, Saturday afternoon Seniors – 12.30pm, Sunday morning Juniors – 8.15am and Sunday afternoon Seniors (Summer only) – 12.30pm.   If it has been declared, advise players that are playing in the teams playing away where a washout has been declared.   No further action required.  If you enter the washout after these times you MUST ring your opposition Convenor.   If washout has not been recorded by home venue, travel to venue.



JDC Red Ball competition