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Wash Out NotificationsCurrent Time:2023-05-28 7:16:41 PM
Last Notice:2023-05-28 8:29:26 AM
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BlackburnRubbers 7North Kew PurpleDom Alberico2023-05-28 07:47:35
Blackburn GreenBoys 3DoncasterDom Alberico2023-05-28 07:47:35
BlackburnGirls 1East Camberwell GreenDom Alberico2023-05-28 07:47:36
Blackburn PurpleJDC 2 GreenWillison ParkDom Alberico2023-05-28 07:47:37
BlackburnJDC 4 GreenYarra Valley PurpleDom Alberico2023-05-28 07:47:37
Blackburn PurpleJDC 5 GreenVeneto BlueDom Alberico2023-05-28 07:47:38
Box HillRubbers 1Doncaster GreenDonna Wu2023-05-28 07:45:13
Box HillRubbers 4HE Parker ReserveDonna Wu2023-05-28 07:45:13
Box HillBoys 1Doncaster GreenDonna Wu2023-05-28 07:45:13
Box Hill GreenBoys 2Willison ParkDonna Wu2023-05-28 07:45:13
Box HillGirls 1DoncasterDonna Wu2023-05-28 07:52:16
Box Hill
Playing @ Wesley Uniting
Girls 3Templestowe ParkDonna Wu2023-05-28 07:45:13
Box Hill PurpleJDC 1 GreenYarra Valley PurpleDonna Wu2023-05-28 07:45:13
Box Hill BlueJDC 1 GreenWillison ParkDonna Wu2023-05-28 07:45:14
Box HillJDC 7 OrangeRingwood Central BlueDonna Wu2023-05-28 07:52:16
BulleenRubbers 1North BalwynAdrian Pasa2023-05-28 07:45:43
BulleenRubbers 10North BalwynAdrian Pasa2023-05-28 07:45:43
BulleenBoys 1CanterburyAdrian Pasa2023-05-28 07:45:43
BulleenBoys 6Wantirna GreenAdrian Pasa2023-05-28 07:45:44
BulleenGirls 2Willison ParkAdrian Pasa2023-05-28 07:45:44
CanterburyRubbers 6Box HillAndrew Henry2023-05-28 07:53:51
CanterburyBoys 6MitchamAndrew Henry2023-05-28 07:53:52
CurrawongRubbers 6South Hawthorn BlueGary Pitts2023-05-28 07:57:45
CurrawongBoys 5Doncaster GreenGary Pitts2023-05-28 07:57:45
DeepdeneBoys 1Greythorn ParkJames Bruce-Smith2023-05-28 08:29:24
DeepdeneJDC 3 GreenNorth KewJames Bruce-Smith2023-05-28 08:29:26
DoncasterRubbers 2Willison Park BlueJill Morrison2023-05-28 07:49:54
DoncasterRubbers 5DonvaleJill Morrison2023-05-28 07:49:54
Doncaster BlueRubbers 8Kew BlueJill Morrison2023-05-28 07:49:54
Doncaster GreenRubbers 9Hawthorn GreenJill Morrison2023-05-28 07:49:54
Doncaster GreenJOD 3TennisrayJill Morrison2023-05-28 07:49:54
Doncaster BlueBoys 5St. MarysJill Morrison2023-05-28 07:49:54
Doncaster BlueBoys 7Box HillJill Morrison2023-05-28 07:49:54
DoncasterGirls 2BlackburnJill Morrison2023-05-28 07:49:54
DoncasterGirls 3Greythorn ParkJill Morrison2023-05-28 07:49:54
DoncasterJDC 3 GreenTennisrayJill Morrison2023-05-28 07:49:54
Donvale GreenBoys 4Mooroolbark HtsRussell Holschier2023-05-28 07:57:03
Donvale BlueBoys 4BulleenRussell Holschier2023-05-28 08:05:30
DonvaleBoys 7Mooroolbark HtsRussell Holschier2023-05-28 08:05:30
DonvaleGirls 3BlackburnRussell Holschier2023-05-28 08:05:31
Playing @ Mitcham
JDC 5 GreenBlackburn BlueRussell Holschier2023-05-28 08:05:31
E'Croydon-KilsythJOSD 1HE Parker ReserveKelsey Bail2023-05-28 07:45:18
E'Croydon-KilsythJOD 3Doncaster BlueKelsey Bail2023-05-28 07:45:23
E'Croydon-KilsythBoys 6Wantirna BlueKelsey Bail2023-05-28 07:45:23
E'Croydon-Kilsyth PurpleJDC 4 GreenWantirnaKelsey Bail2023-05-28 07:45:23
East CamberwellRubbers 6DoncasterDavid Close2023-05-28 07:49:07
East CamberwellBoys 4Greythorn ParkDavid Close2023-05-28 07:49:07
East CamberwellBoys 6BlackburnDavid Close2023-05-28 07:49:07
East Camberwell BlueGirls 1CurrawongDavid Close2023-05-28 07:49:08
East CamberwellGirls 2North KewDavid Close2023-05-28 07:49:08
Greythorn ParkRubbers 3Warrandyte GreenStuart McNeice2023-05-28 07:49:57
Greythorn Park GreenRubbers 4CanterburyStuart McNeice2023-05-28 07:49:57
Greythorn ParkRubbers 9Doncaster BlueStuart McNeice2023-05-28 07:53:29
Greythorn ParkJOSD 1HawthornStuart McNeice2023-05-28 07:49:58
Greythorn ParkBoys 2Box Hill BlueStuart McNeice2023-05-28 07:50:40
Greythorn ParkGirls 1HawthornStuart McNeice2023-05-28 07:49:58
Greythorn ParkGirls 2North BalwynStuart McNeice2023-05-28 07:49:58
Guy Turner ReserveJOD 3Yarra ValleyArkie Lee Solano2023-05-28 07:47:55
HawthornRubbers 5Templestowe ParkArian Madani2023-05-28 07:48:34
HawthornRubbers 7MitchamArian Madani2023-05-28 07:48:34
Hawthorn BlueRubbers 9Templestowe Park BlueArian Madani2023-05-28 07:48:35
HawthornJOSD 2North RingwoodArian Madani2023-05-28 07:48:35
HE Parker ReserveRubbers 10SerpellJames Ni2023-05-28 08:05:58
HE Parker ReserveJDC 2 GreenBlackburn BlueJames Ni2023-05-28 08:05:58
Kew GreenRubbers 8E'Croydon-KilsythDave King2023-05-28 08:01:11
MitchamRubbers 2HawthornLisa Hartnett2023-05-28 08:01:52
MitchamRubbers 5North KewLisa Hartnett2023-05-28 08:01:53
North BalwynRubbers 7DoncasterChris Georgiou2023-05-28 07:55:37
North BalwynBoys 3BulleenChris Georgiou2023-05-28 07:55:37
North BalwynBoys 5Box HillChris Georgiou2023-05-28 07:55:37
North BalwynGirls 3South HawthornChris Georgiou2023-05-28 07:55:37
North Box HillBoys 7Doncaster GreenIan Peter-Budge2023-05-28 07:49:32
North KewRubbers 1Doncaster BlueAsh Dark2023-05-28 07:47:38
North Kew BlueRubbers 7North Kew GreenAsh Dark2023-05-28 07:47:38
North KewJDC 5 GreenVeneto PurpleAsh Dark2023-05-28 07:47:38
NunawadingJDC 6 GreenTennisraySunny Anchan2023-05-28 07:52:16
Ringwood CentralRubbers 10E'Croydon-KilsythMaria Vallos2023-05-28 07:45:13
Ringwood CentralRubbers 11Donvale BlueMaria Vallos2023-05-28 07:45:13
Ringwood CentralJOSD 2NunawadingMaria Vallos2023-05-28 07:45:13
Ringwood CentralJDC 3 GreenHE Parker ReserveMaria Vallos2023-05-28 07:45:22
Ringwood CentralJDC 6 GreenDonvaleMaria Vallos2023-05-28 07:45:22
Ringwood Central RedJDC 7 OrangeRingwood Central PurpleMaria Vallos2023-05-28 07:45:13
South HawthornRubbers 3SerpellDylan Edgley2023-05-28 07:55:55
South Hawthorn GreenRubbers 6HawthornDylan Edgley2023-05-28 07:55:55
South HawthornBoys 4DeepdeneDylan Edgley2023-05-28 07:55:55
St. Francis XavierRubbers 3DeepdeneJose Fernandez2023-05-28 07:46:30
St. MarysRubbers 1East CamberwellCraig Haslam2023-05-28 07:52:31
St. MarysRubbers 2Box HillCraig Haslam2023-05-28 07:52:31
Templestowe Park GreenRubbers 9BulleenJayden Neilson2023-05-28 07:48:56
Templestowe ParkBoys 2South HawthornJayden Neilson2023-05-28 07:48:56
VenetoRubbers 3Warrandyte BlueKarl Santamaria2023-05-28 07:47:21
Veneto BlueRubbers 11Wantirna BlueKarl Santamaria2023-05-28 07:47:21
WantirnaRubbers 8North KewAthula Samaranayake2023-05-28 08:06:07
Wantirna GreenRubbers 11Donvale GreenAthula Samaranayake2023-05-28 08:06:07
WantirnaBoys 3Blackburn BlueAthula Samaranayake2023-05-28 08:06:07
WarrandyteJOSD 2CanterburyCraig Haslam2023-05-28 07:51:39
WarrandyteJDC 6 GreenMitchamCraig Haslam2023-05-28 07:51:44
Willison Park GreenRubbers 2CanterburyTimothy Sheppard2023-05-28 07:57:38
Willison ParkRubbers 4Greythorn Park BlueTimothy Sheppard2023-05-28 07:57:39
Willison ParkRubbers 5East CamberwellTimothy Sheppard2023-05-28 07:57:39
Willison ParkBoys 7South HawthornTimothy Sheppard2023-05-28 07:57:39
Yarra Valley BlueJDC 1 GreenSt. MarysChris Guy2023-05-28 07:59:37
Yarra ValleyJDC 2 GreenGreythorn ParkChris Guy2023-05-28 07:59:38
Yarra Valley BlueJDC 4 GreenE'Croydon-Kilsyth BlueChris Guy2023-05-28 07:59:38

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