Ordinarily the Development Committee would organise trials of at least some prospective AJL players before settling final teams to be submitted. In the Information Notice distributed earlier we anticipated the trials being last Friday, with a possibility of also including this coming Friday.

However, we decided the current COVID restrictions and risk factors meant trials were not necessary as against the risks involved through having myriad players and parents milling around, and probably  outdoors due to clubhouses still being generally closed.

Accordingly, the Committee has decided for this year to cancel the trials for AJL.

Instead we will proceed to select teams based on data available to us. We will then circulate draft team lists to convenors and interested coaches for suggestions regarding any dramatic grading errors.

Therefore, there is nothing further that parents of proposed AJL teams need do fornow, unless we contact you to ask for some specific and limited trialling, or until we provide further information about teams, rosters and uniform night.

Finally, we note there has been a worrying increase in numbers of detected COVID cases recently in Melbourne, and notification of some hotspot areas that, for at least the next few weeks, will have some travel restrictions imposed. Obviously, we cannot guarantee that this AJL season will proceed, nor can we be sure how strong it will be, with some families likely to be unwilling to take the risk of mingling and travelling, and some associations will be more severely affected by any lockdown. All we can say is that Tennis Victoria is keen to see the season proceed if possible, and ERT’s Tournament & Development Committee shares that goal. So we will do all in our power to ensure it happens, so long as it is reasonably safe to do so.

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