AJL 2020 announcement

All members of the tennis community will be aware that with effect from today 9 July, 2020, tighter lockdown restrictions have been imposed throughout Melbourne in an effort to curb the spread of the coronavirus. Those restrictions are likely to extend into mid August, with the possibility of further extensions if infection is still then prevalent, and mean that competitive tennis cannot be played in that time.

Accordingly, Tennis Victoria has cancelled the 2020 Pennant Tennis season.

However, all hope is not lost! TV and its wonderful officer in charge of AJL, Tyler Krumholz, are keen to try and still conduct the AJL season if at all possible. Thus Tyler has requested that we associations still submit our teams, and he is hopeful that the season can still progress even if its start is delayed by one or two weeks.

The Development Committee will therefore submit the team entries, and we will keep our fingers crossed that our youngsters can still participate in this wonderful competition this year.

More information will be posted to the ERT website as it becomes known. In the meantime, we have vacancies for 2 more girls in each of the 14 and 16 and under age groups to fill out teams with a spare player to enable full rotation and to cover illness and unavoidable absence. If there are girls of a suitable standard who would like to be considered for selection in a team, please contact one of the Development committee below.

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