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1. Child Stafe Standards About (002)

4. Child Stafe Standards – What A Child Safe Club Looks Like

5. Child Stafe Standards – What Steps Do We Need To Take

7. Child Safe Review Template

Victorian Child Safety Standards Nov 201

ERT Rules September 2017

ERT Guidelines 2017


ERT holds an annual President’s Dinner in October each year at the Chirnside Park Country Club. This is an opportunity for ERT officials, Club Presidents and ERT Life Members to network and exchange ideas. The highlight of the evening is a talk from a guest speaker.

Previous guest speakers have included  Anne Minter, Kevin Bolton, Brian Tobin, Judy Dalton, John Fitzgerald, Neale Fraser and Ian Barclay.

Bookings are taken after the ERT AGM in September each year.


ERT Life-Members

F.Absolom, W.Aitchinson, D.Attwood, K.Bolton, N.Bradshaw, K.Broomhead, A.Cianchi, I.Collier, S.Collins, B.Cooke, C.Bowen, B.Edwards, P.Gallacher, A.Gibson, R.Gray, G.Handley, H.Hayes, A.Hubbard, R.Jackson, R.Jamieson, G.Johnson, C.Jordan, R.Kane, J.Lade, J.Lane, B.Leister, H.MacMillan, C.McKenzie, G.Morse, G.Ortmann, H.Owens, L.Richards, J.Reed, D.Schultz, R.Shipp, W.Spencer, L.Stock and K.Wilson.


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Association Phone

0447 844 329


ERT Office-bearers


President Robert Jackson 0408 321 848
Vice-President Robert Kane  0407 329 040
Vice-President Charlie Roberts 0438 019 004
Secretary Vacant 0447 844 329
Treasurer Mary George  0437 983 551
Committee Member Vacant
Committee Member Ian Adderley  9842 1839
Executive Officer Ray Van Weert 0447 544 287
Junior Record  Secretary Cynthia McKenzie 0400 093 992
Senior Record Secretary Mary George 0437 983 551
Committee Member Vacant
Committee Member Deb Driessen 0408 338 786
Committee Member Brooke Driessen 0400 650 198
Executive Officer Chris Thomson 0425 759 399
Committee Member Nat Allsop  0400 575 347
Committee Member Vacant
Committee Member Vacant


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